Gordo's Drum Tracks Online Page

In mid 2003 Gordon completed the work on his studio now called "Over Ear" - as in, "this track was recorded over here!" It was designed by studio designer, Greg Hooke and built with the primary aim to a create a great acoustic space for recording of drums and small live ensembles. Being completely soundproofed, it also serves as a fantastic teaching facility and a rehearsal room when not being used as a recording studio.

Gordon has recorded many drum tracks for various artists as well as rhythm sections and full ensambles for many CDs.

Recent CDs in part recorded at Over Ear include, Steve Flack's "Guitar Heroes", vocal group, The Idea of North's latest release, "The Gospel Project", and Blaine Whittaker's upcoming release, "Pure Rain".

Other artists and producers for whom Gordon has recorded Drums at "Over Ear" include, Leon Gaer, Green Dollar Colour, Anton Koritni, Tracy Costa, Mitch Cairns, Louise Perryman, Phil Tweed, Matt Lucas and Robert Kay.

Gordon records to his Mac G5 onto Digital Performer via a great selection of mics, as well as Vintech and Neve preamps to warm up the sound and give it some analogue flavour.

If you would like to have Gordon play on your recordings, here's what to do.

  • Contact Gordon's wife Emily either by email at session@gordonrytmeister.com or call her on 0418 782 724 and describe your project. Please include the style of music, a brief description of your musical direction and any special requests.
  • Emily will get back to you with further details such as when Gordon can do the session and how much it will cost etc.
  • You can then send your audio backing track on CD or DVD, or upload it on Gordon's Upload page (for which you'll need a Username and Password from Emily).
  • Gordon then records the drum tracks along with your backing track. Once approved (he can send a rough mp3 mix), Gordon then sends the full files back to you either via his download page or on CD or DVD in the mail in whatever file format you need. eg SDII, WAV, AIFF etc or as an OMF if you prefer. You can then import the drum tracks into your session ready to mix.

    Of course, if you live in Sydney, and/or would prefer, you're welcome to arrange to go to Over Ear with your files and preside over the session in person!

    So to make an enquiry, start here by sending an email to session@gordonrytmeister.com or calling 0418 782 724.

    To go to Gordon's Uploads page or ftp site, click here. (You'll need a Username and Password).