Developing Hand/Foot Combinations

Hi. In this lesson I'd like to share an interpretation of George Lawrence Stone's "Stick Control", which uses the stickings as a source to develop hand/foot combinations.

First we have to "borrow" one of Joe Morello's interpretations of pages 5, 6 and 7 of "Stick Control".

Each written 1/8th note is interpreted as a group of 1/16th note triplets:

We interpret the written Right Hand single 1/8 notes, using a sticking of Right-Left-Left and the written Left Hand single 1/8 notes become Right-Right-Left as below.

is interpreted using the following sticking


is interpreted using the following sticking

We can then orchestrate the patterns on the drum kit by playing all Right Hand Accents on the Floor Tom, Left Hand Accents on the First Tom and all other notes ghosted on the Snare Drum. (This would be how the very first measure of "Stick Control" would be interpreted following these guidlines.

Now here's where it gets fun!!

We'll introduce a third variable in the basic pattern which, when interpreted with the various Bass Drum orchestrations (below), will generate some interesting and useful hand/foot combinations.

The following is a series of "stickings" as per "Stick Control" with an added component:

Each of the following hand/foot combinations (a) through (g) replaces the written single bass drum 1/8th note in the above "stickings".

eg. So the first sticking variation orchestrated as above and interpreted using the first hand/foot combination (a), would be played as follows.

Stay tuned to this page as I'll be introducing sound files demonstrating this exercise step by step.