John Foreman and I studied at The NSW Conservatorium of Music at the same time. John was in the Con High School when I was doing the Jazz course but through our mutual musical interests we became good friends. John recorded his debut CD, "No Jivin'" around this time and we played together a lot on various gigs for the next few years until John moved to Melbourne to be the Musical Director for "Good Morning Australia".

In 1995 I joined John again to play at the Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada. Again in 2003, John called when he became Musical Director of Australian Idol and we've done a lot of work together since.

This is me with Australian Idol Series 1 winner, Guy Sebastian. Guy is an incredible talent, and the most humble and sincere person you could ever meet.

This is the Australian Idol Band, taken at Parliament House in Canberra where we played as the house band for the Australia Day concerts in 2004 and 2005. This one's from 2004.

From left to right the band is:
John Bettison, Stew Kirwin, Mark Taylor, Steve (Walks) Edmonds, Louise Anton, Mark Costa, Dave Pritchard Blunt, John Foreman, Chris Kamzelas and me sporting a funky Hawian shirt.

Here is a shot on the set of Australian Idol. This one was taken during series 2.

This one is at the Sydney Opera House for the series 2 final.

That's Mark Costa on bass, me in the middle and percussionist, Tony Azzopardi.