After graduating from the NSW Conservatorium of Music (as it was known then), in 1989, I was asked to join The Don Burrows Quintet replacing my mentor, David Jones. I did a lot of touring with Don over the next few years both nationally and internationally. This was taken (I think) on a trip to New Zealand. The band also included the wonderful Julien Lee who wasn't in this shot for some reason. Julien left the band a year or so later finding the touring schedule too much. So this first picture is essentially the DBQ line-up that I first joined in 1990. Left to right is Don, me, Craig Scott and George Golla.

A couple of years later Dave Pudney replaced Craig Scott in the band and then in the mid 1990s Kevin Hunt joined and we were once again a Quintet. That lasted for a year or so more until George Golla decided to leave. Kevin brought a fresh energy to the band and it was always exciting to play together. The picture below is the current line up of the Don Burrows Quartet. We don't play very often these days but I will always treasure the memories, the music and the great camaraderie or the various line ups of Don's band.